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Established 1944

Specialists in antique clock, watch and barometer
repair and restoration

A member of The
British Horological

Antique Barometers Repair & Restoration

We are specialists in the repair and restoration of antique mercury wheel barometers. We can supply and fit replacement mercury tubes, floats and silks, as well as restore the dial, scales and cabinet using traditional hand craftsmanship to achieve an appropriate antique appearance. We will also provide you with detailed written instructions for its care.

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For advice from one of our experts on transporting your barometer and to discuss its repair and restoration, please contact us:

Burgoine Business Centre
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Telephone: 01525 403474

Philip Richardson RJ Dip. FNAG

Peter Richardson FBHI

Please note that although we are in a lot of the time, we are not in all the time, so it is advisable to phone or email with enquiries and appointments